Frequently Asked Questions

Return to Top What differentiates Graduate Studies from the academic Schools, and what types of issues do I address to each?
The Graduate Studies office admits students into graduate programs, provided the student meets all admission requirements. Some schools require students to meet additional admissions criteria to be accepted into a specific program. The Graduate Admissions office, 320 Bibb Graves Hall, 256-782-5348, is the initial point of contact for all students who are interested in pursuing graduate work at JSU. The Graduate Admissions staff will direct students to the appropriate advisor for specific program requirements.

Return to Top Are there admission application deadlines?
For some programs application deadlines do exist. Please refer to the Graduate Programs page to determine if a specific deadline exists for the program you are interested in.

Return to Top Where can I find a listing of the application requirements for the program I want to apply to?
You can view a listing of the degrees we offer on the Graduate Programs page. when you click on the program, the application information for that degree will be listed. If you still have questions after reading the online information, you may call the Graduate Admissions office at 256-782-5348 or you are welcome to stop by the Graduate Admissions office, 320 Bibb Graves Hall. The staff in the Graduate Admissions office will be happy to discuss admission requirements and refer you to the appropriate departmental faculty to answer specific program questions.

Return to Top How will I know if a class is for graduate students when I register?
A class schedule is put online by the Office of the Registrar every semester i.e. fall, spring, and summer. In addition, a course numbering system exists that differentiates undergraduate from graduate courses. 400/400G: undergraduate/graduate 500: Graduate only 600: Postmasters/Ed.S. 800: DSc If you register for a 400/400G level class and you are taking it for graduate credit, make sure you are registered for the graduate level section.

Return to Top Is there a required minimum GPA to remain in good academic standing for graduate programs?
Yes. Please refer to the Graduate Programs page or your advisor to ensure you maintain the identified GPA for your program. You may also consult with Graduate Studies.
Students who fall below the required GPA for their program of study will be notified by the Director of Graduate Studies that they will be placed on academic probation or removed from Graduate Studies. 

Students who are granted conditional admission must achieve the required GPA for their major on the first 12 graduate hours attempted.

Return to Top Are there deadlines for adding/dropping or completely withdrawing from courses?
Yes. You can find these dates on the registrar’s office web page or you can call the Office of the Registrar at 256-782-8270.

Return to Top Is there a time limit for the completion of my graduate degree?
Yes. There is a six calendar year time limit to complete your program. Exceptions are considered for students who can demonstrate a compelling reason why they were unable to finish their program within the six year calendar time frame.
For the DSc in Emergency Management, there is a 10 calendar year time limit.

Return to Top Is there a procedure for transferring credit from another institution to JSU?
Yes. You must complete a Transfer Credit Request. You will also be required to provide course descriptions, and we will verify the courses are at the graduate level. You must earn an A, B, P, or S in the course(s). Transfer course work cannot be used to elevate the GPA. The appropriate department and the Director of Graduate Studies approve all transfer course work prior to registering for classes at another institution if your home institution is JSU. Please consult the Transfer Student page regarding limitations on the number of hours a student can transfer to JSU. For graduate transfer credit questions you may contact the Graduate Certification Office, 322 Bibb Graves Hall, or call 256-782-5327 (Graduate Education) or 256-782-5345 (Graduate Non-Education).

Return to Top Will I be required to take a comprehensive exam to graduate?
Each program decides on the format for a comprehensive/exit exam. Contact your advisor to ascertain what will be required for you to graduate. You must complete an online Application for Graduation regardless of the exit requirements for your program. Deadlines are posted for each semester on the Graduation Information section of the Graduate Studies website or you may contact the Graduate Certification Office, 322 Bibb Graves Hall, or call 256-782-5327 (Graduate Education) or 256-782-5345 (Graduate Non-Education).

Return to Top How do I inquire about the library hours for each semester?
You may contact the Houston Cole Library at 256-782-5068 or visit their website. You may want to visit the library to familiarize yourself with the location of various sources you will use while enrolled as a graduate student at JSU.

Return to Top If I have questions about distance education and online classes, who do I contact?
You may contact the Office of Distance Education at 256-782-8172 or visit their website.

Return to Top How do I find out about financial aid opportunities for graduate students?
You may contact the Financial Aid office at 256-782-5006 to inquire about the various types of available assistance, and any restrictions that apply. To inquire about the Graduate Assistantship Program you can contact the Graduate Certification Office, 322 Bibb Graves, or call 256-782-5345. This program provides tuition remission and a stipend for students who qualify, depending upon available assistantships. Graduate Assistantships are located in many departments across campus. 

Return to Top Where do I pay my tuition and any fees?
If you are on campus you may pay tuition and fees at the Bursar’s Office in Bibb Graves Hall. If you enter Bibb Graves Hall through the main entrance that faces Pelham Road, turn right, and the cashier windows are half way down the hall on the right side. When you register on-line you have the option of paying tuition and fees with one of three credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. During open registration, payment for tuition and fees must be made on the day you register for classes.

The ID card fee is charged to a student’s account when the student’s application for admission is entered into the student data base. The initial cost of an ID card is $10.00 and $15.00 for a replacement card. Returning students are not required to purchase a new ID card if they retained their old ID card. Please call the Theron Montgomery building at 256-782-5552 to find out the hours of operation to have your ID card made. A student can have money put on an ID to use at the various cafeterias and food court at JSU. Go to the Dining Hall Office at Jack Hopper Hall to have money put on your ID.

Students must register online for a parking decal. Online registration for parking decals is mandatory. The University Police will continue to register students requiring a JSU handicap decal. You may call 256-782-5050/5551 to make arrangements for this decal. Students must register for their parking decal through their MyJSU page. There are three options for purchasing a parking decal:
  1. Students can have their student account charged;
  2. Students may order by credit card; or
  3. Students may register their State issued Jacksonville State University Tag (J-TAG)
Students must pick up their decals at the University Police Department in Salls Hall and must present a vehicle registration and a current ID when picking up their decal.

If you are an online student, please go to the distance education website. You will receive directions concerning your ID card and other important information.

Return to Top How will I receive mail?
All students enrolled at JSU are eligible for a JSU mailbox. To be assigned a mailbox, students must come to the customer service window at the JSU Mail Center. All correspondence from the University and personal correspondence will be placed in JSU mailboxes. Financial aid checks will be assigned to a JSU mailbox if they have no other designation, i.e. “Mail-at-Home” or “Direct Deposit”. Both options can be accessed through your “My JSU” account. Stamps, fax, and mail services are available at the JSU Mail Center.

The JSU Mail Center is located on the 4th floor, TMB, and is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The Mail Center telephone number is 256-782-5290 and the fax number is 256-782-5291.

Return to Top How do I gain access to MyJSU?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “how do I get a user name and password” 
  3. User name is the same as your Email Address without the
  4. If you have never logged on to MyJSU before, your user name and initial password can be retrieved using the Initial Credentials for students link.
    • MyJSU Account: Same as your Email Address without the
    • MyJSU Password: Initial password is set to your birth date in the format: MMDDYY
  5. Here you will enter various information about yourself to retrieve your username and password. Students who have difficulty gaining access to their MyJSU account should contact the JSU Help Desk at 256-782-8324.

Return to Top If a faculty member approves me to receive an incomplete for a class, what procedure do I follow?
You must confirm with the faculty member that you will be permitted to receive an I (incomplete) grade and the faculty member will record this with the Office of the Registrar. Students have approximately one calendar year to complete the required work to receive a letter grade, and should be in contact with the faculty member so that completed work is turned in by the deadline. If a student cannot meet the one year deadline, they must complete an Incomplete Grade Extension Request Form and have the appropriate faculty member sign this form and include an anticipated completion date. The form is then transmitted to Graduate Studies and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. It is the student’s responsibility to complete and submit work by the designated deadline on this form. If you are graduating in the year you receive the incomplete grade, the deadline must be made so you can complete your work in order to get credit for the course towards your graduation.

Return to Top If my major has a thesis option, and I wish to do this, whom do I contact?
First, inform your department head and that person will provide direction regarding departmental requirements. You must also contact Graduate Studies to schedule an appointment. The purpose of the appointment is for you to receive an orientation to the thesis process, including deadline dates, and receive a copy of the thesis guide. For questions concerning the thesis option, contact the Graduate Certification Office at 256-782-5345.