Graduation Procedures


It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar with degree requirements, graduation requirements, and all other aspects of satisfactory academic progress. Each student is assigned an academic advisor to assist in planning course schedules and give advice on timely graduation planning. However, the ultimate responsibility for understanding and completing degree requirements lies with the student.

Graduation Application Procedures:


1. Take and pass the ECE once you have completed EH 101 and EH 102 and have earned 48 semester hours.

2. Meet with your academic advisor before the pre-registration period begins.

3. Make an appointment with the Certification Advisor in your college during the semester PRIOR to the one in which you plan to graduate.

4. If you have passed the ECE you may fill out an Application for Degree when you meet with your Certification Advisor.

5. The Online Undergraduate Application for Degree must be completed on no later than the last day to register or add classes in the semester in which you will graduate.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Online Undergraduate Application for Degree  

Graduate :

Step-by Step Instructions for Online Application for Degree

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Online Application for Certificate