Freshman Forum

Freshman Forum is an Elite Freshman Leadership Institute that allows freshmen at JSU to gain valuable leadership skills that will help them throughout college and in their careers. Freshman Forum is made up of the elite students of the freshman class.

Freshman Forum Group Picutre 

The objectives of Freshman Forum include:

  1. To utilize campus resources such as Academic Support Services and Career Services to help students learn, grow, and prepare for life after college.
  2. To identify and grow personal leadership qualities in an effort to increase the leadership potential of students.
  3. To help students improve skills such as communication, time management, conflict management, resume building, and “soft skills”.
  4. To further the leadership skills of Freshman Forum Mentors through facilitation of meetings, planning events, and mentoring freshmen students.
  5. To create a safe, welcome, and inclusive social outlet for all freshmen students at JSU.
Freshman Forum Adviser 
Keaton Glass