Meet the SGA

The executive officers hold daily office hours and meet weekly at various times in the SGA office. As a student, you are invited to meet with your officers any time to share opinions and ideas.

President: The SGA President is the chief executive officer of the SGA and is responsible for all aspects of student governance.

Vice President of Student Senate: The Vice President of Student Senate serves as president of the Student Senate and is responsible for overseeing all legislative processes of student government.

Vice President of Student Activities: The Vice President of Student Activities serves as president of the Student Activities Council and is responsible for recruiting entertainment and programming events.

Vice President of Organizational Affairs: The Vice President of Organizational Affairs serves as president of the Organizational Council and is responsible for managing the SGA budget.

Vice President of Public Relations: The Vice President of Public Relations promotes and advertises all activities of the Student Government Association.

Jerod Sharp: SGA President

Jerod Sharp

SGA President 

Jerod Sharp 

Cindy Danini: VP of Student Senate

VP of Student Senate

Cindy Danini 

Scout Spears: VP of Student Activities

VP of Student Activities

Scout Spears 

Auburn McKee: VP of Organizational Affairs

VP of Organizational Affairs

Auburn McKey 

Brooke Robinson: VP of Public Relations

VP of Public Relations

Brooke Robinson